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14,20 € prix ht
Backrail with double adhesive tape and levelling hooks saves you time and guarantees an always perfect presentation of prints on panels made from aluminium-composite, rigid foam, acrylic or glass. The double adhesive tape works perfectly with all smooth, dry, clean and unlaminated surfaces. The hooks come with an integrated levelling. This allows to level up to 10mm, guaranteeing a perfect straight suspension.
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FBR300AL Backrail 300mm for max. 4,5kg set01 14,20 € prix ht disponible
FBR500AL Backrail 500mm for max. 7,5kg set01 17,50 € prix ht disponible
FBR1000AL backrail 1000mm for max. 15kg set01 21,90 € prix ht disponible