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trend frame

Trend frame completes our family of frames for textile banners. The edges are mitered at 45° and directly connected. The frames convince with their lean and timeless design. The aluminium profiles come in matt aluminium or corten steel look. The aluminium guarantees maximum form stability. The SEG banner is simply inserted into the front notches and then perfectly tensioned into shape. Whatever look you prefer: trend frame has the perfect match for every ambience.

Each set contains corner connectors and 2 profiles with same length for one side each, combine height and length and wish.

Silver anodized aluminium profiles, vinyl laminated guarantee the maximum form stability.

Wall mounting clip inclued: glue the clip inside on the profile with double adhesive tape and hang the frame on the wall mounted screw.

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code d'article nom du produit U.V. prix unitaire disponibilité quantité  
WFAL500 trend frame alu 500mm set02 33,20 € prix ht disponible
WFRO500 rust look 500mm set02 35,90 € prix ht quantités sur demande
WFAL700 trend frame alu 700mm set02 37,20 € prix ht disponible
WFAL1000 trend frame alu 1000mm set02 43,20 € prix ht disponible
WFRO700 rust look 700mm set02 43,60 € prix ht quantités sur demande
WFRO1000 rust look 1000mm set02 54,80 € prix ht quantités sur demande
WFAL1400 trend frame alu 1400mm set02 55,20 € prix ht disponible
WFRO1400 rust look 1400mm set02 71,00 € prix ht quantités sur demande
WFRO2000 rust look 2000mm set02 93,50 € prix ht quantités sur demande